Trail Rides on the Giants! Spokane Washington Trail Riding

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  We Need VOLUNTEERS!(16yrs and older)


  • All riders must sign a legal liability release before ride
  • Unfortunately due to Insurance and Liability issues children under 13yrs of age cannot ride on our trail rides, BUT if experienced and own horses or have extensive current lessons we can allow them. Also under 13yrs can do our Dude and Dudette kid lessons!
  • Children under 18yrs must be accompanied by an adult and/or parents must sign release of liability prior to ride and understand it is an at your own risk ranch.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service/rides to anyone.
  • We reserve the right to stop the trail ride due to disrespect issues, riders not abiding by or listening to Wrangler Boss's  rules etc.
  • Be respectful of the horses and each others
  • Cancelations received with-in 24hrs of booking date will be refunded. Otherwise no refunds, can reschedule your ride good for 1yr.
  • No Dogs pls.
  • We do offer helmets as well if requested.

**Bottom line this is an at your own risk activity, show respect, have a  ton of fun and we will all be happy! **



You wont be disappointed in your ride, we make each ride unique!








**Now offering Horse Boarding and Horse Motel!**


Call Jen 509-227-9077