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BLUE: 2009 Gentle 'TRUE' Blue Roan Percheron Stallion.

Standing stud at Spokane Trail Rides and Boarding!

Owned by Jennifer Hatch, Spokane, WA

Stud fee $400


$10 Day Mare Care, full care, live pasture Cover. 1wk is normal breeding slot..

$25 per hand held breeding  required for all mares you choose how many times you woudlike hand bred.  Much safer for both stallion and mare. every other day. 2 x a day is our usual schedule.  If mare is super expeienced, not kicking or rejecting stallion we can possibly do just live cover, we wont know till arrive and give a try.  Maidens hand breeding required.

Maidens who dont respond or unwilling to stand, owner must come assist and hobble mares in the hand breeding.

**Mare to be approved by stallion owner, mares must be proven to be vaccinated**

For more info call: (509)227-9077

Now offering Horse Boarding and Horse Motel!

Call  509-227-9077