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About Jen


Jen was born and raised in the Midwest.  MN and WI, her passion has always been horses and the outdoors. Her grandpa Andy Bursaw owned and ran a farm with horses, milking cows and growing Corn...  She loved to go visit the horses!  in 2018 found out Jen's great great grandfather raised horses for the Calvary and her Native lines also had been known for their horses....  Its in Her Blood!

When Jen was able she purchased Chico in 2001, a 2yr old Paso Fino gelding and then began her journey into her life long horse passion! Jen Learned then about Natural Horsemanship Training from her mentor and friend Mark Allen of MN. Jen learned about bitless riding, good horse communication and has not preferred since to put a bit in a horses mouth! Jen has learned the Horse Language and trains horses, she doesn't 'break' them..  She has a gift with horses and communicates in a amazing way, she loves to help others learn the same philosophy and has taught many!

In 2008 Jen moved to the Hill Country of Texas.  She purchased a small ranch and started boarding and trail rides.  Her passion of Drafts began there where she started rescuing horses and one was a draft named Lightening whom she still owns today... Since then Jen tries to do her part and rescue 6-10 horses a year, rehabilitating them and giving them a good life on the ranch!

Due to the horrible Texas drought and lack of hay in the area, Jen decided she needed to move back north where the grass was plentiful for her horses.  She found a ranch on CL in Spokane, WA.   Jen was determined to make this work as it was a huge move across country yet again, but the Spokane Ranch had all the prospect she desired for being a full blown ranch!  In 2011 Jen moved to Spokane from TX  Hauling 2 loads of horses and other ranch animals all the way with her. 

Thus how Spokane Trail Rides and Boarding was born!

In 2012 Jen met Jared.  Jared is a Combat Veteran and Jen shared her passion for horses and ranch life gift with him, he is now a full fledged horse lover and together they have brought Veteran Horse therapy to a new level for himself and others.  Jen and Jared together found how horses can heal Veterans Wounds and open up a whole new world of Equine/Animal Therapy for people who need it!  Unfortunately Jared chose to take a different route in life and is no longer with the ranch, but forever & always in Jens heart, soul & her mind and will always be apart of the dream.  Without Jared, Jen would might never have become aware of Combat Veterans Battles, needs and gifts that horse therapy brings or started the next step in the journey Mountain Refuge Ranch in Metaline Falls, WA. Where she is building a Luxury 3 cabin B&B dedicated to  Veterans & Volunteers but will also be open to general public.  Camping is now open for Volunteers and Veterns.

Spokane Trail Rides and Boarding today includes a full service boarding stable, Private Trail Rides for the general public, Lessons 8yrs and up, Veteran Therapy, Natural Horsemanship Training,  Authentic Ranch B&B and Ranch Camping added in 2018, Sleigh Rides 2019 and future Carriage Rides, family petting ranch days and birthday or event parties!

Horses, Draft Horses, Miniature Cattle, rabbits, chickens, alpacas', mini goats, German Shepherds, Wolf hybrids, Great Pyrenees, Anatolians, cats and ranch dogs are all abundant at the ranch!  Jen is a true country woman with a  true Passion and love for all kinds of animals!  Her gift with animals and dream made reality is to share them with people and continue the dream!


Jens new aspiration is to build a Bed and Breakfast Ranch on her Mtn Property in Metaline Falls, WA, just north of Spokane!


Ck out the NEW project at Mountain Refuge Ranch!




You wont be disappointed in your ride, we make each ride unique!














**Now offering Horse Boarding and Horse Motel!**

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